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What is a WAQF?

A Waqf (plural: Awqaf) is a long-lasting Islamic endowment, carefully preserved and used exclusively for good causes, either charitable or religious. The term ‘Waqf’ is like a system for directing resources to help others. It can be done directly by building things like hospitals, schools, orphanages, or libraries, or indirectly by investing the money in things like real estate, farms, or financial plans.

The money made from these investments, like rent, farm profits, or returns on investments, is then used to support various charitable projects entirely as a Sadaqah Jariyah.

How a WAQF Works


donate to waqforever

We pool together your donations and continue to accumulate the cash until we reach a usable amount.


we invest your donations

We then invest your accumulated donations into fixed and reliable assets e.g. property or land.


your investment grows forever

This fixed asset is in the name of the Waqf. All income generated from the asset is used to directly fund charitable projects and organisations.

one donation

many rewards

We want to find the most effective ways and strategies to create income streams to facilitate charitable work. We also want to find ways to build our Jannah, not just for today but also long after we are gone.


Benefiting individuals and organisations through providing assistance, resources, and support to those in need. Ultimately contributing to the betterment of Islamic communities. 


Waqforever focuses on ensuring long-term effectiveness and impact, rather than just short-term relief. This is ensured by maintaining responsible financial management.

shariah compliant

Waqforever operates in accordance with Islamic principles and guidelines, ensuring that our fundraising, management, and distribution of funds align with Islamic ethics and rules.


We implement a strategic approach to expansion and impact, whereby Waqforever aims for steady, progressive growth over time without compromising on its core values.

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