our vision

Changing the Ummah one step at a time

Waqforever is a charity with its headquarters based in the United Kingdom. It aims to bring back this beautiful Islamic tradition in our communities and focus on creating reliable sources of income that act completely as Sadaqah Jariyah. This helps with a big challenge in the Muslim charity world… raising money. Help us revive this Islamic tradition as we want to set up Awqaf that can support things like hospitals, scholarships for education, giving food to people in need, clean water projects, and helping those who are struggling. Why not leave long-lasting positive impacts on society by ensuring that these good actions can continue for every generation to come Insha’Allah!


meet our team

Image - Sheikh Ali Hammuda

Sheikh Ali Hammuda

Islamic Governance advisor

Sheikh Ali is entrusted with the responsibility of upholding and overseeing governance principles in alignment with Islamic values and ethics within the charitable organization. This role serves as a guardian of transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct in fulfilling the organization’s mission while adhering to Islamic principles.

Image - Hashim Shad

Hashim Shad

operations Manager

Hashim is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the day-to-day operational activities to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the organization. This role plays a critical part in supporting the charity’s mission, optimizing resource utilization, and ensuring the successful execution of projects and programs.

Image - Tariq Mehmood

Tariq Mehmood

Investment Manager

Tariq is entrusted with the responsibility of managing and optimizing the organization’s investment portfolio to secure financial resources for its mission-driven initiatives. This role plays a pivotal part in safeguarding and growing the charity’s financial assets while adhering to ethical investment principles.

Image - Ashraf Al Rabahi

Ashraf Al-Rabahi

Marketing Manager

Ashraf, as the lead in marketing for Waqforever, is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies to promote the organization’s mission, increase awareness, and drive support from donors and the community. This role plays a vital part in shaping the charity’s public image and facilitating its growth and impact.


Waqf by Cash Donation

Contribute to a collective waqf fund, strategically invested for profit generation, which is then channelled to advance charitable endeavours.

Waqf by Asset Donation

Donate assets like property, and we’ll share the investment returns with awaqf projects supporting those in greatest need.

Waqf by Legacy Will Donation

Leave a meaningful legacy in your Will upon your death by donating cash, property, land, and more to support your chosen charitable cause.

If you have questions or need more information on how to proceed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our Contact form.